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Welcome To Get Slatted

Welcome to the official site of Get Slatted. Get Slatted provide an innovative product range to Customers using aluminium slats for custom made products ranging from gates and infills to pool blanket boxes and specialised slatted fencing.

Get Slatted is a Western Australian owned and operated company based in Perth.

Each one of our products is custom made to suit your existing circumstances including size, shape & colour.

Our Pool Cover boxes, Pool equipment boxes and Storage Boxes will transform your pool area into an area to be enjoyed by all with everything in its place and a place for everything.

If DIY is your thing, then we are happy to supply you with what you need .

Please enjoy our website and contact  Craig if you have any queries that we can assist you with.



Wester Red Cedar Filter Box 

Fed up with unsightly pool filter equipment?

Pool Filter Boxes are the innovative solution. They are increasing in popularity in Perth and throughout WA. Why not call us today, or quickly fill out our online equote form for a free no obligation quote.